Good topics for biology helpA research paper on Biology is quite a broad subject and assignments on an open topic are given vary rarely. However, if you are one of the “lucky” to receive such a homework, check out our list of areas you may write on. They might give you an approximate idea of in which direction to move. Do not forget to listen to yourself and select the field you really like and my apply later. Also, try to check if your topic is doable and if you won’t have to change it later because you cannot find enough material on it. Good luck!

Dna. A very progressive field of study, where new discovers appear almost every day. You will always find something new and interesting. Try genome modification in plants and animals , their usage and safety for people or application of dna comparing technologies in crime solving.

Epidemics. Taking into consideration recent events and in general the situation in the world, a research study on an epidemic illness and the methods of battling it will be very relevant and interesting, as comparing the situation from today and just a couple years ago will be full of information.

Nutrition. This is what a long of people pay attention to nowadays. Useful elements and minerals in different types of food, how they bring positive effect to human body, or, vice verse, which elements it is better to avoid. If you want to learn more about healthy eating and dieting, this will be interesting for you too.

Flora of the less explored parts of the world. For example, deep seas. Not many people know a lot about creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean, yet a lot of them can be fascinating and unbelievable. Check for yourself!

Cloning. Though this unorthodox topic may not be assessed very good by your professor, if you are sure he/she is open-minded enough you shall think about it, as what seems like unreal technologies today, can become the part of our lives tomorrow.

Maternity. This is a process, many rules of which are not fully explored yet. Comparing processes, typical for humans and other animals may leave you with a lot of interesting thoughts or let you know something you can well use in several years.

These are just the approximate fields of study that may interest you. Be creative, think of something that will have a value for humanity or you personally and the good topic will be found!